Woodland Nursery

This weekend we did a room makeover and created a dreamy woodland themed nursery for our nephew. Complete with a floor to ceiling painted woodland mural, this room is one of our favorite designs to date.

Woodland Themed Nursery

As I am typing this we are on the road back to Houston from our weekend in Dallas where in less than 24 hours we transformed an empty room into a woodland themed nursery for our nephew.

We loved designing and building DIY projects for Connor’s outdoor modern nursery so much that when we found out Brent’s sister was pregnant we asked her and her husband if they would be game for letting us design a nursery for them. They were kind enough to give us the opportunity and put their trust in our hands on a very special project.

Woodland Themed Nursery

We did a few phone consultations where we talked about a general design theme, colors, and furniture but we did most of the DIY projects in Houston.

This weekend, while they out, we snuck into their house (they knew we were coming) and got to work putting everything together.

When we arrived the Babyletto Scoot Crib, Babyletto Kiwi Electronic Recliner and rug were in the room and it was our fun challenge to pull together the rest of the nursery design.


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Woodland Themed Nursery Details

The Woodland Wall Mural

Woodland Themed Nursery

First thing first was to paint the floor to ceiling mural behind the crib. We used the Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap® App to pick out the paint colors we would use on the mural based on our inspiration photo. We used this same technique when painting our galaxy wall mural in our playroom.

We wanted the focal wall of the nursery to feel whimsical. It gave me a Hundred Acre Wood vibe like at any moment you might bump into Winnie-the-Pooh.

By just looking at a photograph for inspiration, Brent painted the most gorgeous work of art. I am kind of sad this isn’t in my room. There was no tracing involved, it was completely freehanded and he once again blew me away with his talent. Not just to create art but for it to evoke the exact feeling I wanted this room to have.

It took about five hours and ten paint colors for the wall mural come together. Brent painted while I was in charge of the water pouring, wiping excess paint, and cleaning up spills.

Did I already say how much I love this mural? Okay good because it is so so good.

The Wooden Bear Mobile

Woodland Themed Nursery

Our next step was to hang the DIY wood bear mobile we made a few weekends ago back at home. We love how the mobile ended up being centered between the trees of the mural (happy coincidence). To make the mobile, we purchased a wood slice from Michaels and made sure to seal it so none of the pieces would bark flake off.

Woodland Themed Nursery

We cut the bears and mountain out of wood using a scroll saw. We then painted them with watercolors. The colors turned out rich and blend well with the other features in the room. We will have a post about this specific project coming soon.


Woodland Themed Nursery

This room has a lot of doors so to utilize the wall space between the door to the room and the closet door, we built another set of our DIY nursery bookshelves and filled it with board books.

Dresser & Changing Table

Woodland Themed Nursery

After hanging the curtains, it was time to tackle the IKEA HEMNES dresser that would also be used as the changing table. We bought the dresser at our local IKEA so we could do a little prep work on it for the small IKEA hack would be making to it.

By the time we got to assembling the dresser it was about 10:30pm and it took almost half and hour just to unbox the 10,000 pieces in the three large boxes that make up the HEMNES Dresser. As Brent poured everything on the floor. I was like. “Nope.” “Time for Bed.”

Trying to start a large IKEA build that late is a daunting task but we powered through and were very happy to see that the boards Brent cut to be the drawer faces and the holes he drilled, matched perfectly. We assembled the dresser and one drawer and then the drill died and it seemed like a very good stopping point for the night as it was already past midnight.

Woodland Themed Nursery

The “hack” we made to the dresser was to replace the top four small white drawer faces with wood ones stained with our favorite Rust-Oleum stain in Kona. These new drawer faces really pop against the white and bring in the dark wood tones from the Babyletto Scoot crib.

Brent made the drawer faces at home just by looking at one of the drawer faces that came with it and measuring to drill all the holes in the right place. We were both amazed (er…I mean we knew it would work) that all four drawer faces fit perfectly on the drawers like they came in the box. That was a big relief and they really made this piece stand out.

Bears Watercolor Print & Triangle Shelves

Woodland Themed Nursery

The next morning we were up and at it again bright and early at 8am to finish the dresser. Which is pretty much sleeping in for us these days to finish the dresser.

After the dresser was complete, we hung the pieces that would go over the changing table, a large watercolor print of a bear and her cub and two triangle shelves.

Woodland Themed Nursery

The watercolor print is special because Brent painted it for his sister and it turned out so good.

He hand painted it and then I had it enlarged at Walgreens. This is not a sponsored post for Walgreens but they are the BEST for getting large poster size prints cheap, fast and high quality. I just sent the photo online (and found a coupon code) for 40% off which made it come out to $19.99 for a 24×36 print. I selected our local store and picked it up within the hour.

You can find a digital version of Brent’s bear watercolor art over on our Etsy shop. Included are four high-res 300dpi JPEG files that you will be able to download and then can print at home or at your local print shop.

Brent studied printmaking in undergrad so he is a tough critic when it comes to getting art printed but he was happy with the quality and gave his stamp of approval. Walgreen was one of the only places I could find to print that size which is weird because it is standard poster size.

We framed the print in a white frame from IKEA.

Woodland Themed Nursery

We planned on building our own triangle shelves but time got away from us so we picked up these two from Michaels. We used our 50% off coupons so they came out so cheap it was worth it. We just sanded them and stained them with the same Rust-Oleum wood stain in Kona to match the drawer faces and bring in more of the dark wood tones.

Because the large frame and shelves are over the changing table, we wanted to make sure they were nice and secure to keep everyone safe. So we used Command Picture & Frame Hanging Strips to make sure those things were not going anywhere.

Finishing Touches

Woodland Themed Nursery

Finally, it was my time for the finishing touches. We brought the chair and rug back into the room.

Then I decorated the little shelves with some little pieces I picked up from Target and ordered from Bannor Toys. ver since I stumbled upon Bannor Toys instagram account I have loved their sweet wood heirloom toys so I was so excited to incorporate their state rattle and name blocks into the decor.

Woodland Themed Nursery

The little bear is from Target and the sign was a gift she received at her baby shower and is from Hobby Lobby.

Room Reveal

Once the last piece was styled, it was time to reveal the completed woodland themed nursery to the parents to be! They played along with our Fixer Upper fantasy and waited patiently downstairs all weekend as to not spoil the surprise.

Woodland Themed Nursery

I’m not sure who was more excited for the reveal. Probably us. When you can execute your vision perfectly (without ever being in the room beforehand), we consider that a success.

Woodland Themed Nursery

We had them file into the room with their eyes closed and yell “move that bus!”. We were creating a hybrid makeover show over here.

Woodland Themed Nursery

It was heartwarming to see how much they loved the woodland themed nursery. We enjoyed the whole process of putting together a nursery for someone else from start to finish but getting to see their reaction in person was the icing on an already sweet cake.

Woodland Themed Nursery

The woodland themed nursery is now ready for the little bear cub to make his arrival in May and we can’t wait to meet him.

If we ever quit our day jobs I think Brent and I would really enjoy designing nurseries for others. The whole process, from design to execution of creating a nursery lets us express our creativity and it is something we are growing passionate about.

Having a kid is an overwhelming but magical time in your life. Having a place in your home that adds to that magic and gives you all the warm and fuzzy vibes is totally worth all the planning and work that goes into making it happen.

Woodland Themed Nursery

I think the nursery is dreamy. What do you think?

Room Sources

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