Take a tour of our home office makeover.

Home Office Makeover

For the past three months now we have been working on moving our home office out of one room and into another all the while giving it a total revamp to fit with our industrial/vintage style. You can take a look back at our plans for our home office that we posted in March.

It is not a large room but some of the DIY projects we were working on for this space turned out to be large in scale (I’m looking at you cabinets) so it took us awhile to finish all the projects and get it exactly how we wanted it.

It has been a long time coming so today I am excited to finally be able to share our completed home office makeover and take you on a little tour of our newly refreshed and organized office. Since the room is a little small, we thought a video tour might make a little more sense so be sure to check that out below.

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Home Office Makeover Tour

In this video I will take you on a tour of our newly made over home office! For our home office we continued with the rustic/industrial/vintage vibe we have going throughout the rest of the house. I also share a few tips and storage solutions for keeping a home office organized.

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Home Office Makeover
Above is what the room looked like before. Well, way before. It is the front room in our home, probably intended to be the formal living room. We have used it to store Brent’s musical equipment and more recently our work table.

Home Office Makeover

Here is what the office looked like in our spare room. We had to move it to make room for a nursery but I was excited for the opportunity to give it a refresh that matched our style and had a cohesive appearance and create more storage space.

Home Office Makeover

My original office desk was the first thing Brent built for me when we got married and while the sentimental side of me was super sad to see it go (thank goodness it found a wonderful new home) we wanted to build one with a new style that has a front piece that hides the cords and storage pieces that are under my desk out of sight when you walk in the door.

We got the inspiration for our new desk from believe it or not a display piece at Restoration Hardware and based on that Brent designed and built this awesome two-level desk that I absolutely love. There is plenty of room for both of our computers and still extra space for me to spread out my calendar and client folders. Jake (the cat) loves to lay on the top level while I work which is nice for me because it keeps him close but out of the way of my keyboard.

Home Office Makeover

Home Office Makeover

Our first project in the room was to build cabinets on the back wall. Having a home office be the first room guests see when they walk in our door can feel a little intimidating since the office seems to be the place clutter collects the fastest, especially since my office is the room I spend the most time in working on projects. I knew lots of cabinet space for storage was a MUST and Brent really knocked it out of the park building these cabinets and the herringbone countertop.

I love the pattern on the countertop so much that I didn’t want to add too much to the top of it but a few additional key storage pieces such as a two-level tray and a lazy susan hardware bin are helpful to organize the paper and supplies I use on a daily basis.

Home Office Makeover

And let’s not forget about our plant wall. I am really pleased with the wall-mounted plant shelves we built to display artificial plants that bring a little greenery and color to the otherwise neutral room.

Home Office Makeover

I have tons of storage space now to keep everything not only hidden away but organized and all within arm’s reach and a chair spin. I can’t tell you how much having a place to put things back helps me keep a room clean. We didn’t have room for our filing cabinet so we added two large drawers to our cabinets that work well to hold all of our paperwork and make it easy to file it away so it doesn’t stack up on the desk or counter.

Home Office Makeover

I love this rug. The gray color matches the other gray colors in our room so well. Do you know how hard it can be to match grays? I like the fun pattern. The rug also is functional because we are running a power strip cord under it to a plug, which keeps the cord out of sight and we don’t have to worry about tripping over it any cords.


Walls: Mindful Gray from Sherwin Williams
Wall Shelves: See DIY Project
Artificial Plants: Ikea
Pots: Ikea
Desk: DIY Project (tutorial + plans coming soon)
Desk Chair: Ikea
Lamp on Desk: Pottery Barn
Mail Holder: World Market
Printer Stand: World Market
Cabinets: See DIY Project
Herringbone Countertop: See DIY Project
Lamp on Cabinets: Target
2-Level Tray: World Market
Hardware Bin Lazy Susan: World Market
Rug: Target

It feels like such an accomplishment to get another room completed (minus the floors) and checked off our list. I thought a new office would be way down the road so when this opportunity came up, I of course jumped all over the chance to give my workspace a much needed refresh. I work in this space eight hours a day so to have it just the way I like it, feels awesome and I swear increases my productivity by at least 85% (it would be 100% but I am rocking pregnancy brain right now).

I would have never thought the office would be the adjacent room to our home library and would be out in the open with no doors to hide behind, but the two rooms flow together nicely and makes it feel like I am working in a room double the size. I hope you enjoyed the tour of our home office makeover! If you have any questions about any of the projects or items in this room, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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