Handmade Father's Day Gift

How we built a handmade grill supplies box for both of our dads for Father’s Day gifts to store and organize their grill tools and supplies.

Handmade Grill Supplies Box

Summer is right around the corner and that means pool parties, grilling, and Father’s Day are fast approaching! This year we crafted a handmade Father’s Day gift for the dads in our lives that love to cook out on the grill. We designed and built our own custom handmade grill supplies box.

Over the years I started to notice that my dad always had to take multiple trips in and out of the house to collect all of the supplies he needed for the grill. I saw this as a bit of a hassle because my dad loves hosting summer pool parties but he was spending a lot of his time running inside to grab a plate, seasonings or a spatula rather than enjoying the party with his guests.

We thought it would be really handy if there were a simple wood box to store grilling utensils, seasonings, foil, a pan and even a bottle opener in one easy to carry container. It was actually harder than we thought to find what we were envisioning this box would look like.

There are a plethora of tackle boxes for fishing gear out there and a wide variety of toolboxes for organizing and storing tools but it turns out storage containers for grill supplies are not really a thing. If they are, we could’t find them.

Handmade Grill Supplies Box

So we made our own. This was really fun because we could design it to look and function however we thought would best fit a griller’s needs. We modeled the exterior of our grill box after a vintage toolbox but needed to adapt the inside to fit the shape of the grill utensils and supplies.


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Handmade Grill Supplies Box


slots for tongs, spatula and grilling fork, plenty of space for a variety of seasonings, a bottle opener on the side of the box, roll of aluminum foil on a dowel rod and mounted metal tear strip for easy cutting, a special opening to store a meat thermometer and a pan attached to the bottom of the box.

Handmade Grill Supplies Box
Handmade Grill Supplies Box
My favorite part (which was Brent’s idea) is how we added hinges on the front and back of the box so a normal sized baking pan could attach to the bottom. This way they always have a plate to carry all their grilled items at their fingertips.

All they have to do is rip off a piece of foil from inside the box; line the pan with it and they are ready to go serve all the delicious items they cooked up!

Handmade Grill Supplies Box
Handmade Grill Supplies Box
We wanted to build a sturdy box for our dads that could be a practical spot for them to store all their grill supplies and an easy way to carry it all out to the grill. That way they can spend more time outside enjoying the party with friends and family rather than running around trying to gather all their grilling necessities.

Handmade Grill Supplies Box
A host should have a good time at their own party!

Handmade Grill Supplies Box
The cool thing about the grill supplies box is whether they are just walking to the grill in their own backyard or taking it on a camping trip, they can be sure their supplies will fit nice and neat and will be readily accessible.

Brent and I hope our handmade Father’s day gift makes our dads’ lives just a little bit easier because after all they have done for us, it is the least we can do.


Handmade Grill Supplies Box


We were excited and honored to have our handmade grill supplies box and the story behind this Father’s Day gift featured on domino.com. Click the read story link below to learn more about this project.

a diy father’s day gift idea

A thoughtful gift for the Dad who loves to grill.

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  • I am in love with this and want to try to make it for my husband!! Do y’all happen to have a supply list or any measurements?

  • This would be so fun to make with my son for his dad who LOVES to grill. I’m just not sure I could figure it out without instructions 🙁 Ya’ll did a great job!

  • I was getting ready to make this for a Christmas gift and couldn’t find the latches to attach the pan anywhere. Where did you purchase these from?

    • Hi Lindsay! We didn’t write out the step by step instructions for this project due to the large number of steps, the level of detail and it being a little more on the complex side but if you are interested in making one, I’m sure we could put something together for you. Let us know. Thanks!

      • I actually winged it from the video and made one today!! Just doing the finishing touches now before I stain it (:

          • Yeah!! How can I send you pictures? I’m pretty impressed with myself for figuring it out as a 23 year old girl with just enough experience to work some saws!

          • We are definitely impressed and so excited to hear your were inspired to make your own. That seriously made our day! You can email photos to us here. If you want feel free to post them on our facebook page or tag us @grayhousestudio if you share them on Instagram/Twitter. We can’t wait to see!


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