How to Cut a Mirror

In this video tutorial we will show you a simple way to cut a bathroom mirror

Cut a Bathroom Mirror

Today we are talking mirrors. Do you have a large unframed mirror in your bathroom that you find is an eyesore? We did. We had two. Our solution was to take our large unframed mirror that spanned the whole vanity and we recycled it by cutting it in half to create two separate more narrow mirrors that we framed and hung over each sink.

We took down the large mirror and initially went on the hunt for two tall and narrow mirrors that we could hang over each sink. After lots of window shopping we kept coming up short on finding affordable, tall and thin mirrors that would be the exact dimensions we desired. Then it clicked. If you can’t find what you need, you might as well make it! We decided we would cut our existing bathroom mirror down to the two identical sizes we wanted. This was a great solution for us because it was already the height we needed and of course it saved us money because we are using what we already had. Plus, we got to thinking about how hard it actually is to dispose of or donate those large mirrors. Many of our neighbors are still storing their unused large bathroom mirrors in their garages.

Cut a Bathroom Mirror

Cut a Bathroom Mirror

If you think this approach might be a solution for you and your bathroom mirror dilemma, follow along and watch the video below as we show you how we cut a bathroom mirror down to the size or sizes needed.

How to Cut a Bathroom Mirror Video

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How to Cut a Bathroom Mirror

Cut a Bathroom Mirror

For this projects we used:

  • Sharpie
  • Large Ruler
  • Clamp
  • Straight Edge (we used a board)
  • All Purpose Oil
  • Glass Cutter
  • Heavy Object to hold straight edge down (we used a paint can)

Cut a Bathroom Mirror
^^^ The glass cutter is key to cutting the mirror. We got this one at a local hardware store.

To begin we set the mirror on a large flat surface. We took the ruler and marked with a sharpie the measurements of the new mirror where we would need to make our cut. Then we took a board which acts a straight edge for scoring the mirror and lined it up with the marks we made with the Sharpie. Next we clamped the board and the mirror to the table to make sure that it didn’t move once we started to make our cut. On the side of the board that could not be clamped, we used a paint can as a weight to hold the board down.

Once everything was in place we squirted a few drops of all purpose oil on the mirror where the cut would begin. We grabbed the glass cutter and prepared to make our cut. When starting the cut it is important to apply a good amount of pressure to force the blade down to score the glass. Once you begin scoring, continue all the way across the mirror with out stopping. It is imperative to make one continuous score. Any overlap in scores will result in an uneven cut.

After we made our cut, we lifted the mirror up slightly and then took the other side of the glass cutter (the end with the heavy metal ball) and tapped directly under the beginning of the score. Once you start a crack the weight of the mirror will force the crack to run the entire length of the score. The result is the mirror breaks in two pieces.

After the mirror is cut, be careful handling the side that was scored. It will be sharp. We used fine grit sandpaper to smooth the edge making it safer to handle when we started framing it. Once we cut the mirror into two pieces, the sizes we needed, we framed them, stained the frames and hung them back up in our bathroom.

Voila! Our one large mirror is now like two brand new mirrors! And that is how we cut a bathroom mirror.

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