DIY Yarn Wall Art

Check out how we made a colorful branch & yarn wall hanging for our guest bedroom.

Yarn Wall Hanging

One room that we haven’t shared yet on the blog is our guest room. If I am being honest that is because the design of that room is still all over the place. I found a new colorful duvet cover that I love but we just haven’t been able to give much time and attention to this room. There is a lot of mixing and matching of furniture going on and not in a good way, more of an any left over piece that didn’t have anywhere else to go kind of way.

A branch and yarn wall hanging was the perfect solution. This project was really easy and fun to make. We put it together in just a few hours and love the results. Today we are sharing how we made our branch and yarn wall hanging.



  • Yarn in multiple colors
  • Branch
  • Metal loop
  • Cabinet pull knob
  • Double end threaded screw

  • Scrap Wood
  • Clamps
  • Scissors

HOW WE MADE OUR Yarn Wall Hanging

Yarn Wall Hanging
1. I loved picking out all the colors of yarn I wanted to incorporate into the wall hanging. I choose a few greens that matched the duvet cover in the room and then selected contrasting colors and neutral colors for balance.

Yarn Wall Hanging
2. We measured how high we wanted the yarn wall hanging to be on the wall and then doubled the height to determine the length the yarn needed to be cut. For ours we wanted it pretty large so we cut all our yarn into individual 8 1/2 ft. pieces.

To do this quickly we wrapped all the yarn around a ladder (set to 8 1/2 feet). Then we cut all the yarn at once at both ends. We did this for each color of yarn.

DYarn Wall Hanging
3. After we cut all the yarn, we went on the search for a branch. We got our branch off a tree in our front yard. Don’t worry, it needed to be trimmed anyway. Win, Win. Before we used it we cut it to the length we wanted and then cut off all the knots on the branch.

We wanted a consistent surface and it didn’t really matter what most of the middle of the branch looked like since we were going to cover it up with yarn anyway.

Yarn Wall Hanging
4. To attach the yarn to the branch, we folded a piece in half and then ran the folded end under the branch. After laying the fold over the top of the branch, we pulled the two loose ends through the loop.

This created a simple knot that is often called a Lark’s Head Knot. We repeated this step with each strand of yarn varying the colors to create our desired pattern.

Yarn Wall Hanging
5. To hang the branch we tied it to a metal loop that is often used to hang curtains. The color of the metal ring was too dark for the look we were going for so we wrapped it with an extra piece of yarn to make it blend in and be less noticeable.

DIY Yarn Wall Art
6. We hung the metal ring on a cabinet pull knob. Instead of using the screw that came with the knob that is intended go through the face of cabinets, we used a double end threaded screw.

This allowed us to screw into the knob and into the wall making it secure enough to hold the wall hanging.

Yarn Wall Hanging
7. After we hung the branch and yarn wall hanging, we straightened the yarn to make sure all the strands were in the right place.

Yarn Wall Hanging
8. To provide a straightedge to cut the yarn we clamped the yarn where we wanted to cut between two boards.

Yarn Wall Hanging
9. Finally, we cut the yarn against the board. This shaped the bottom of the yarn and made it look even.

Yarn Wall Hanging
The branch and yarn wall hanging brings cheer, color and whimsy to our guest room. I love how it brightens up a blank wall. You know what else I adore about this project? How low maintenance it was to make. I did the majority of it while sitting on the couch watching TV at night.

Yarn Wall Hanging
Yarn Wall Hanging
From picking out the colors of yarn, to drawing up a pattern, hunting for the perfect branch and hanging up the finished product, this project was extremely fun to create.


Yarn Wall Hanging


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