Brent and Courtney Richardson, Gray House Studio

At Gray House Studio We are Just Your

We are Brent and Courtney, a couple of almost 30 year olds living life in the suburbs. We were friends in high school who reconnected through Facebook after college. We long distance dated, got married, bought our first home in the suburbs, had a baby and are now in the process of restoring our one-story cookie-cutter house into the special snowflake home that we know it can be. Collectively we have art and communication degrees (plus several unrelated minors) so we do not have any formal education in this but as is the millenial way, if you can dream it, you can do it. Unless you can't, then you get a new dream.

Gray House Studio is our adventure in making our house a home that makes our family happy. Ours is a slow journey, because home renovating ain’t cheap, yo. But we are enjoying figuring it out and doing it ourselves one project at a time. We are happy to have you here to follow along with our adventures and hope to provide you with some inspiration or at least some laughs along the way.